Mackenzie Schuler

Mackenzie Schuler

Client Services Manager

Mackenzie is a financial professional with a passion for data analytics and a steadfast commitment to ensuring the customer always comes first. With three years of experience in the banking and client-focused industry, Mackenzie has honed her skills in providing exceptional financial services and creating seamless customer experiences.

Mackenzie's journey in the financial sector led her to a pivotal role as Assistant Vice President in the finance division at Bank of the West in San Francisco. Her time there allowed her to build a robust foundation in finance, which she combines with her interest in data analytics to make informed financial decisions. A graduate of the University of California, Davis, Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Managerial Economics. Her collegiate experience extends beyond academics, having played Division 1 Lacrosse, a testament to her discipline, teamwork, and determination.

Mackenzie's professional philosophy revolves around the unwavering belief that the customer should always come first. She is dedicated to delivering outstanding service, earning trust, and fostering lasting client relationships.

Born and raised in Virginia, Mackenzie has strong family ties to her hometown. She currently resides in Walnut Creek, California, with her husband, Adam. Beyond her professional pursuits, she actively engages with her community as a Swim Coach for a local pool and trains with USA Masters Swimming, showcasing her commitment to personal growth and an active lifestyle. Aside from the pool, she loves hiking the abundant trails in the Bay Area

Mackenzie's unique blend of financial expertise, data analytics acumen, and unwavering customer focus makes her an invaluable asset at Laurus Financial Group. Her educational background, athletic achievements, and community involvement speak to her well-rounded character, making her an inspiring figure in both her professional and personal life.